The benefits of unlocking

Iphone 4 is the most attractive phone, even more than iphone 5 for most people. It was the best phone in the market when it released and still is considered one of the best. All the feature of this phone has been appreciated except for one feature that is frowned upon by most of its users. The feature we are talking about is unlocking it. We need to go through a series of processes to unlock iphone 4 which makes it very complicated.

To use the unlocking feature, we should have the correct tools. Therefore we need to download the unlocking tools first. To unlock iphone 4 we have to follow the following steps. The first step to unlocking is, disabling iTunes; this will ensure successful opening of the line the device without any intrusion of any other application. If this is done using windows then you can disable it using task manager and if the same is done using Mac, then it could be done using Apple Activity Monitor. The second step is to connect the device to your laptop or computer. The same can be done using a USB cable to connect the two. The third step would be to get the software without which the activity cannot be performed. Fourth step is to install the software in your laptop or computer. Which is done as every other software is installed that is choosing the right functions and accepting the terms and conditions. The fifth step is downloading and installing the additional apps you require in installing the above function. Following that what you need to do is to customize the settings for that you need to change the auto feature to never and then make a note of the IP address which you will find in the Wi-Fi section of settings.

The next step that is the seventh step is to configure cyberduck which is done by selecting open connection option and entering the IP address that we got doing the earlier step.  And you need to check that the port is set to 22 and the SFTP tab is active, you need to drag all the application that you downloaded with .app extension into cyberduck’s application folder. After this step the next is to remove the SIM card after switching off the device and restarting it, which will reveal the prompt that will let you open the line of your device. You then start the procedure by clicking start which will remove the restrictions of the carrier and then you need to wait for a while for the procedure to finish. The last and final step is to test it. This can be done by inserting another SIM card and rebooting your device. If you can use the communication feature you have completed your task successfully.

Unlocking your iphone 4 is the best feature of iphone that you can do. An unlocked iphone 4 works on other carriers and doesn’t bring you phones value down. With unlocked phones you can get better deals from the network providers. The main feature of the same is that shifting of the network carriers can be done easily with no problems. The customer service will right away update you about the software updates.


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